Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

Updated on April 4,2017
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Any company registered in Singapore is required to hold the record of any financial transaction which can testify to the activities of that business. The bookkeeping of a company can be done by trained persons hired by the company or by accounting professionals. Persons interested in outsourcing their recording activities can address to our accountants in Singapore, who can provide a wide area of services in this sense. 

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Bookkeeping in Singapore  

It is advisable for foreign investors to receive the assistance of our accounting firm in Singapore, as they are familiar with the current legislation in terms of recording the financial transactions of the company; our accountants can provide bookkeeping services to both small or medium-sized companies, but also to large corporations. 

Companies can receive assistance for bookkeeping of a wide range of financial documents, such as: 

•    journal entry;
•    general ledger;
•    expenses ledger;
•    accounts receivable and accounts payable services;
•    payroll services;
•    goods and services tax;
•    a complete analysis on the income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statement. 

As a general rule, managers tend to outsource their bookkeeping activities to an accounting firm in Singapore as a means to reduce the company’s costs. This is highly recommended in the case of small and medium enterprises with a reduced number of employees. 

Bookkeeping legislation in Singapore 

Accounting services provided by accountants in Singapore are performed in accordance with the rules and regulations imposed by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Furthermore, ACRA enacted a Financial Reporting Surveillance Programme, which has the main purpose of establishing a high level of quality for the compliance standards. 

Our accountants can provide due diligence bookkeeping services for the documents which will be presented at the shareholders' meeting and submitted at ACRA

Advantages of outsourcing your bookkeeping with our firm in Singapore

Our experienced accountants in Singapore can assist you with the data entry connected to your transactions. Since bookkeeping can be quite time consuming and wearisome, you can save a lot of time and important resources by hiring us to assist you with the bookkeeping activities of your business.

Among the other most important benefits connected to hiring us, we would like to mention:

•    XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language, a freely available international standard for the exchange of business data) filing service utilizing the new XBRL definitions, as requested by the ACRA;
•    The information you provide us is safeguarded and easily accessible when you request it;
•    We also offer consulting service to build the most appropriate plan in order to grow your company;
•    Upscaling and downscaling in order to accurately register the volume of the business transactions;
•    We can make your statutory compliance stress-free.

With us, bookkeeping in Singapore has never been easier!

If you need further information on the services dedicated to the recording of financial documents, please contact our accounting firm in Singapore, which can provide you with professional assistance on various financial documents.